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Fuller's Furry Friends


Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we ask you to be aware that if you put a deposit down on one of our animals and put yourself at risk of getting the virus, we will not refund any money. We ask for you to please wear a mask and social distance

We also do not meet half way due to the pandemic. People have asked us since they would have to quarantine for two weeks and we cannot risk having to do that also. 

We have every right to change our mind when it comes to the pet. We always do our best at letting our animals go to the right home but at any time we feel that they will not be taken care of properly, we will let you know and refund the deposit put on the animal. 

Please read and look through the website before contacting us because most questions are answered within great detail.

We specialize in Registered Chocolate and Regular Yorkshire Terriers, Pedigreed Vienna Holland Lop Rabbits, Pedigreed Vienna Double Maned Lionheads, and Chinchillas.



We ask for you to please read our sale policy before contacting us. We get asked a lot of questions from people who are unsure about making this lifelong commitment and so it takes away our time. A lot of the questions we get asked are already answered on the website in great detail but do not think we don't want to hear from you! People do not understand that most of our time is spent taking care of each of our individual pets making sure that they are fully prepared to enter your home. Each sale policy is specific to our Yorkies, Rabbits, and Chinchillas so make sure you’re reading the right policy before contacting. If you are still confused or have any questions not answered on the website, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

We are located in Sayre, PA 18840, so google or map-quest the address and make sure that you’re willing to make the drive before contacting. If you are unable to make it and plan on using transportation, you must make all the arrangements and run it passed us to make sure we can meet them. 

Fuller's Furry Friends is an experienced partnership between a mother and daughter, committed to producing special fur babies starting in our loving home into yours as a fun hobby. We specialize in Yorkshire Terriers that are purebred and fully registered with the American Canine Association program. Our Holland Lops and Double Maned Lionheads that I raise as pets are all purebred and come with their pedigree. We also breed and raise chinchillas. 

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Fuller's Furry Friends

We ask that you leave a phone number when you fill out this form or we will not contact you back. It is much easier for us to contact a phone number. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sayre, PA 18840

570-882-1286, 570-332-5212, 570-423-9499

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