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Sale Policy for Rabbits 

Please read before contacting! 
I can’t always answer right away as I am busy caring from all my animals, helping around the house, and focusing on school!

I HAVE A WAITING LIST and it works like: first one who contacts me, gets first pick of the litter and the only way a bunny is held is with a 50% deposit down of original price, then the bunny is theirs!

I breed and raise pedigree bew, vm, and vc holland lop rabbits. I breed them for quality, not quantity. They can live up 12 years with the proper care. The internet is the best way to learn if you’re ready for a commitment!

All my rabbits that I sell come with their pedigree papers, showing that they are purebred, starter bag of the food that I feed them, a care sheet that helps you understand and care for your new rabbit, and a block of untreated wood for them to chew on so they stay nice and healthy 😊

I only accept deposit thru Western Union, Venmo, People Pay which is offered with certain banks, or cash. DO NOT ask for another way to send money. I have it this way, so I know people are not scamming me! Also DO NOT ask me if I can change my price. I work hard for my rabbits and the set price I have on them, they are worth it! When at pick up, I require the rest of the money due be in cash!

I am located in Sayre, PA. Right on the border of PA and NY. I am about 20 minutes from Elmira NY and 40 minutes from Binghamton NY.

My rabbitry is a closed rabbitry, meaning no one is allowed to come to it and look at my rabbits. Pictures and regular updates are enough to help decide on purchasing a rabbit. It’s nearly impossible to trust anyone on letting them come to my rabbitry and touching things. Rabbits can easily get sick with just one touch.

Before posting my rabbits for sale, I try to determine the sex and color of each rabbit to the best of my ability! There are so many colors with rabbits, some even change with age. With sexing a rabbit, it is extremely difficult at a young age. I check several times before they leave my rabbitry.

I, as the breeder, have every right to first pick of every litter! And all my babies are handled daily. All my holland lops are all very well natured but I can’t guarantee that your new bunny will not react with improper handling. Once a bunny is purchased, it is final. I will not refund any money because realized you could not properly care for a rabbit and you decided that you changed your mind.

None of my bunnies will leave my rabbitry before the 8 week mark and no rabbit that is purchased by someone will be held at my rabbitry unless discussed otherwise. If someone fails to pick up their rabbit or communicate another time to pick up, the rabbit will be posted again to be sold and no money is refunded to previous buyer.

On pick up date, make sure you are on time. I will only wait 20 minutes longer than the time we set on, and I will leave no matter how long you drove, unless you tell me you are running a few minutes late, I will leave after 20 minutes.

All my rabbits are healthy, so when a rabbit leaves my rabbitry and you allow them near sick animals, I am not responsible. I provide a care sheet with all my rabbits that leave my place that explains how to properly care for your rabbit. I am also not responsible for any cost of your rabbit of they leave.

Lastly, I do not deliver or ship any of my rabbits. It is very stressful and unhealthy for their little bodies. Pick up only at a public place when you purchase one of my holland lop rabbits. I choose the location, which usually is at the Best Western 255 Spring St, Sayre, PA 18840.