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Braxton's Lionhead's 

If you scroll down, you will find more information of pictures of my personal rabbits that are used in the breeding program, and pictures of my rabbitry!

I recently introduced double maned Lionheads that carry the Vienna Gene. which throws the blue eyes. My love for rabbits started with Vienna Holland Lops, but figured I needed to grow out my rabbitry with beautiful Lionheads. I will continue breeding my Holland Lops just like I do, but adding a nice touch to something never hurt. My herd only contains a buck and doe but soon will be growing. My Lionheads will be pedigreed just like my Hollands. I also plan to breed Holland and Lionheads together to get pet Lionlops but they will not be pedigree since they aren't purebred!

Any Lionheads that I put up for sale will be on the Bunnies Available page, just like my Hollands. THERE WILL NOT BE A SEPARATE FOR SALE PAGE FOR LIONHEADS. 

Braxton's Lionheads: Our Farm

Braxton's Lionhead Bucks

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CAR's Domino (Chips)

Black VM Double Maned

Braxton's Lionheads: What's Happening

Braxton's Lionhead Does 

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TBR Glisten

Frosty VM Double Maned

Braxton's Lionheads: What's Happening
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