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Bunnies Available

Best way to get a hold of me is by my cell phone 570-423-9499

NAMES OF RABBITS ARE ONLY TEMPORARY ON BABIES, it's a way for you and me to tell apart from each rabbit.

My rabbits are fully pedigreed and purebred that have papers to show it. They also come with an untreated block of wood to chew on, a bag of food to start them off with, and a care sheet on how to properly care for a lifetime commitment. I ask for a 50% deposit to hold a bunny. First come, first serve. I will not sell a bunny before they turn 8 weeks but you can still put a nonrefundable deposit down thru Venmo to make sure s/he is yours! Also, cash ONLY at the time of pick up! 

NAMES AND INFORMATION ARE LOCATED BELOW OR NEXT TO PICTURES! (depending on what you are viewing the site from!)


We should expect more babies in April and May of 2023. We have several other litters of bunnies in the nest box. Holland lops and double maned Lionheads.

Bunnies For Sale: Upcoming Events
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